Leonard Spicer


Getting in contact with me is a great decision and use of your time. If you want to sell a property or buy a property, I’m here to serve you.

I believe that excellence is the only quality that should be rewarded. For that reason, I’m often described as one of the “hardest working people” in the room no matter the size. I don’t rest until the job is completed, and I persist until I succeed. Having true grit is important in this business, but I also value strategy, efficiency, and sales.

Since the world is becoming more advanced and intricate each day I’m always a student in search of knowledge to maintain an advantage; this allows me to serve my clients better and get the results they need and want to have. In addition, my affiliation with Real Estate Solutions puts the best individuals in the real estate business in my corner to make sure transactions are smooth and simple. Along with all these qualities, I’m also easily accessible and highly responsive.

I am simply a phone call away. Reach out to me right now so we can discuss what I can do to help you achieve your goals!