Darcie Sheehan

I moved to Saint Louis in 2007 from Kansas City, where I lived for almost 17 years and I obtained my bachelor’s degree in English Literature from UMKC. Upon moving to Saint Louis, I immediately set out to discover everything I could about the neighborhoods of my new hometown. Each day, after dropping the kids at school, I would spend a few hours exploring the many neighborhoods and municipalities of Saint Louis. I marveled at the Painted Ladies in Lafayette Square, felt at home in Mayberry-esque Kirkwood, was inspired by the majestic mansions of the Central West End and loved the quaint, cobblestone streets of Saint Charles. Because of my natural curiosity and love of architecture and design, I can honestly say that I probably know this town better than many who grew up here! There are over 90 municipalities in Saint Louis County alone and 79 unique neighborhoods within Saint Louis City. Choosing the best neighborhood to buy your home can be daunting for anyone, but especially for those who are unfamiliar with Saint Louis. I truly love introducing new residents to this beautiful city and I love the challenge of helping them discover their own Saint Louis.